Showcase Products in Your Setup & Get More Clicks

Convert your setup into a link space in bio, where you add hotspots to your setup photo and link out to the products you use.

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See how your space could look like in mobile

Hours of Effort Vanishing into Clutter?

You've crafted a stunning setup, captivating your audience. ✅

But when they're eager to explore your products, a tedious scroll on your link-in-bio site loses their interest. ❌

Each lost moment not only costs a sale but potentially a fan too. 😢


You build a beautiful space setup.


Fans want to know every detail!!


You show them a LONG, BORING list of products.

Why Standard Link in Bios are NOT Effective

Watch how traditional bios pale against the dynamic, 3D spaces, which are visually more appealing and engaging.

Essentially, it will become your new REAL ESTATE where you can market your space to the brands.

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